Bursary Application

Bursary Application Now Open

Apply online at https://soundofsounds.org.za/training Use this booklet only if you do not have access to the internet.
• If you are currently registered at Sound of Sounds, and wish to continue / change to another programme, you
must consult the College/ faculty that you wish to transfer to.
• Applications close on 31 January 2022. We do not accept late applications.
• Complete this form using the information and codes found in the tables in the 2022 Directions for Course Applicants.
• Please complete this form in CAPITAL LETTERS in ink.
• Return this completed form by email to training@soundofsounds.org.za with the subject line “2022 Application
Form” or by post. As there may be delays with the post, we strongly encourage email submissions.
• DO NOT submit your application fee with this form. Refer to the 2022 Directions for Admission for instructions
regarding application fee payments.